Aside this page here you also can find me on instagram with two profiles,

one for pet potraits and one private, you also can contact me on there and see some more recent illustrations and portraits.


If you are going to order more than one illustration, I'm up to talk about a bundle price,

so don’t hesitate to ask ;)


50% of the full price will be paid upfront as deposit, the rest as soon as the portrait or illustration is finished, scanned and ready to be shipped.

*The prices in € will be charged in German €, based on the daily €.

**The US $ prices may very due to the daily US $.

PayPal (preferred), Iban transfer and payment in parts are available, just ask and we will find a solution which is going to work for both of us.



Paintings in acrylics 

(usually 3 to 4 weeks of work)


18x24cm/ 7”x9.4” 280g/m² canvas board -> 150€*/ US $170**


24x30cm/ 9.4”x12” 280g/m² canvas board -> 200€*/ US $226**                                                                                               

30x40cm/ 12”x16” 280g/m² canvas board -> 250€*/ US $283**

(This type of artwork actually takes the longest.)



Illustrations on paper

(usually 2 to 3 weeks of work)


A4 21x29.7cm/8.27”x11.69” -> 150€*/ US $169**     

(Copic, colored pencils, Aquarelle on marker pad paper)      


A3 29.7x42cm/9.44"x11.81" -> 200€*/ US $226**

(Colored pencils, Aquarelle on 435g/m²/200lbs paper


30x40cm/11.81”x15.78” -> 230€*/ US $260**   

(Colored pencils, Aquarelle on 435g/m²/200lbs paper)


(**the tracked shipping for bigger sizes varies on the country I have to send the portrait to, prices will be based on DHL price chart.)


Tracked shipping and scans in print quality will be all included in prices for A4 and canvas board, but from now on I will have to charge an extra fee*** for any artwork bigger than A4, due to higher shipping costs reasoned by the pandemic and changes to postal transportation services.


As same as I will have to charge an extra fee of 25€*/ US $28** for the case that you don't want me to share the finished artwork on my social media accounts, homepage or portfolio.

I am hoping for your understanding, as after all I am spending many hours on working at something special, and sometimes not being able to share an artwork is literally ripping my heart into pieces.